Rainforest Living


The rich rainforest cycle provided the organizational and architectural genesis for a 2000 sq.ft family residence and 1000 sq.ft garage and studio. The plan and form of the house - a long, listing bar and a tall, tipped tower - evoke the ecological form and function of nurse log and stump relic formations of the rainforest. To minimize excavation, the stump and log formations of the buildings “come to rest” on the forested slope. Without overhangs, the house provides light and water to budding vegetation, as would a natural nurse log.  To minimize site disturbance during construction, a 12” thick super-insulated panelized shell was prefabricated and lifted into place. To minimize heat loss, the entire slab foundation sits upon a thick cushion of foam. Truly a unique design, complemented by custom building techniques - this is a flagship home in Summerhill's portfolio.